Sports + Love Just Makes Sense

If I didn’t already love her, I definitely would  after reading her ABC’s of Love and Sports.   Yeah yeah, the  TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS (Unconditional Love at it’s finest!) nor the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS made the list which are just obvious answers for V and N but her list is cute and I like it!

For Example the Letter G:
Gus Johnson- If you mic’d me up in a booth and let me loose, I could only hope the undying passion I have for the game would be as illuminating as it is when Gus is making the calls. In a time when TV personalities are so caught up with appearing fair and balanced, it’s relieving to see a pro like Gus go apeshit over a remarkable game-winning play. He’s a god.

And R:
Rivalries- Yankees vs Red Sox. Cowboys vs Redskins. OSU vs UM. Duke vs NC. Auburn vs Bama. Lakers vs Celtics. Federer vs Nadal. Tennessee vs UCONN. Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Bears vs Packers. The emotions and memories conjured up at the thought of these matchups caused heart palpitations. Did you feel it too?

Check out the complete list over at All Sports Everything and share the love!

xoxo- Kellie

shanastephenson says:

Dude.The Tennessee Volunteers did make the list…and ironically, in R for rivalries, the section you copy and pasted! Read it again! Thanks for sharing it with your MKB readers. :-) xo